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Chef jobs What is the role of Chef? Chefs work in a variety of settings to prepare, cook and plate food. You can work in restaurants, pubs, hotel restaurants, cruise ships, the armed forces and in contract catering. Responsibilities and job titles can vary depending on your specific role, the type of cuisine you produce and the nature of where you work. There are various Chef position’s in a kitchen;

Sous Chef Temp Roles: Unlock Your Culinary Potential with Us!

Chef Jobs | Area: South West London | Salary: £18

Job Spec: **Exciting Opportunity for a Sous Chef Temp Role - Join Our Team! **   Are you in search of a fresh opportunity in the culinary world? We invite you to explore a rewarding...

Temporary Kitchen Porter Roles in London

Chef Jobs | Area: South West London | Salary: £11-£13

Job Spec: Temporary Kitchen Porter Roles in London's Thriving Culinary Scene! Are you prepared to venture into the culinary world and become part of a dynamic team? We're thrilled to pres...

Chefs: How to Ensure Your Trial Shift is a Success

It’s always good when a restaurant offers you a trial shift. Just as you put a lot of preparation time into an interview, it’s also crucial that you do the same for your trial. Here’s our advice to make sure your trial shift goes well