Temporary Staff Timesheets

So now you are working with WestOne Temporaries.. let's make sure you are paid on time and in full!

New Candidate Login
You will receive an email with a link to your create your unique password. Click on the link
and create a password. Your username will be included in your New Candidate login
Retrieving your Payslips
You will receive an email with subject Payslip Delivery New. Follow the link from ‘Your
new Payslip is available at’ {link – highlighted in blue}. This will direct you to login using
your username and password. You username will be included in this email


Logging Time:

Click on the link in your email and enter your log in details.
Click on 'Manage Timesheets' to find any timesheets that are due.

Check the period end date and click 'New' to add a timesheet for the relevant week/month. If you haven’t worked please Click the 'Void' button and select a reason from the list

Write down the starting time and finishing time every day.

When adding your daily hours always insert the time you started work and the time you finished work accurately.

Don’t forget to add your breaks!

The total pay for the period will appear on the right.

If you are Self Employed (Limited Company Contractor), don’t forget to upload an invoice alongside your timesheet!

Once you have finished adding your timesheet, expenses and uploaded your purchase Invoice (If applicable) please click 'Save' to save the timesheet to your account. Then click 'Submit' to send your timesheet through for approval to your line manager.

Once you have submitted your timesheet, It will appear In the tab, 'Awaiting Client' In 'Manager Timesheets'.
This is now ready for your manager to approve.


To make sure that you will get paid on time on the Friday, your timesheet for the previous week needs to be in no later than Monday before 5pm.

Timesheets received after the agency deadline are usually delayed and paid the following week,

  • All payroll queries must be sent to temps@westonerecruit.co.uk
  • In the event that you are sick or need to take time off work, please contact 07932 583 868
  • If you are on your way to work and have any problems finding the place or running late, please let us know ASAP!


Download Invoice Template:

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