Temporary Staff Timesheets

So now you are working with WestOne Temporaries.. let’s make sure you are paid on time and in full!

Please see below the perfect example of a completed timesheet.

Timesheet example

Logging Time:

Write down the starting time and finishing time every day.

When calculating your daily hours always insert the time you started work and the time you finished work accurately, even if you finish at a time past the hour, for example, 8:15 pm.

Don’t forget to add your breaks!


The timesheet must be signed by the client!

Make sure the information at the top of your timesheet is easy to read and filled out correctly: client Name, your name, job title, and week ending( week ending date is the Sunday)

Submit your timesheet:

Scan and email your timesheet to cristina@westonetemps.co.uk

If you are taking a photo of your timesheet, make sure it is clear, legible and contains the whole timesheet. Please see below Do’s and Don’ts!



If you are Self Employed (Limited Company Contractor), don’t forget to send an invoice alongside your timesheet!



To make sure that you will get paid on time on the Friday, your timesheet for the previous week needs to be in no later than Monday at 11am!

If you work via an umbrella company, the agency will pay the umbrella and the umbrella will then forward the payment to you. Alternatively, if you are Self Employed – (Limited Company Contractor) your payment will come directly from the agency.

Timesheets received after the agency deadline are usually delayed and paid the following week,


Download Timesheets