West One Hotel & Catering Consultancy is seeking temporary chefs to join our culinary team. 🌟

Flexible Contracts: Choose assignments that fit your schedule.

Variety: Work in diverse settings across the city.

Competitive Pay: Enjoy competitive hourly rates.

Join West One’s network of culinary magic-makers! Visit the website for details. 📲

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About West One Hotel & Catering Consultancy: West One has been a trusted name in the hospitality recruitment industry since its establishment in 1996. Under new ownership and reformed in 2010, we specialize in providing permanent and temporary recruitment solutions to establishments across London.

Why Choose Temporary Chef Roles with West One?

  1. Flexibility: As part of our temporary chefs, you’ll enjoy the freedom to choose short-term contracts that fit your schedule. Whether you’re seeking full-time hours or occasional shifts, we’ve got you covered.
  2. Variety: Work in diverse settings—hotels, restaurants, private member’s club, and event spaces. Each assignment offers unique culinary challenges and experiences.
  3. Competitive Pay: Our competitive hourly rates include holiday pay and pension benefits.

How to Get Started:

  1. Essential Requirements:
    • Whites and Knives: Bring your own whites and knives.
    • References and Right to Work: Ensure you have these ready.
  2. Register with Us: visit our website and submit your CV to us.

Why West One?

  • Listen, Review, Action, Solution: Our motto reflects our commitment to understanding your needs and finding the right fit.
  • Professional and Friendly: We operate with professionalism and a friendly approach.
  • Save Time and Money: Avoid time consuming travels to the office and follow the easy online steps.

In line with the requirements of the Asylum & Immigration Act 1996, applicants must either be eligible to work in the UK or must obtain a work permit prior to application.

Contact West One:

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West One is a boutique Catering and Hospitality recruiter offering permanent and temporary recruitment solutions to establishments across London and the South East England.

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