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South East London catering jobs South East London is cheerful, dependable and family friendly. From the historic riverside to the quintessentially English town of Hayes, South East London's cityscape is steeped in history and dotted with green space. There's perhaps no other region in London as diverse as the South East. This area is awash with upmarket Sandwich bars as well as some fabulous culinary offerings that have been housed in protected buildings.

Sales & Events Manager for Private Members Club

Catering Jobs | Area: South East London | Salary: £40K+

Job Spec: Looking for a new challenge in the luxury hospitality industry? Our client, a collection of high-end spaces including a private members club, a fine dining restaurant, events room...

Kitchen Porter – Immediate Start – Central London

Catering Jobs | Area: South East London | Salary: £11-£13

Job Spec: Our client a traditional classic restaurant offering a casual dining experience in a relaxed setting is looking for a Kitchen Porter, immediate start with an hourly rate £11 per...

Kitchen Porter – Immediate Start – Flexible Hours

Catering Jobs | Area: South East London | Salary: £11-£13

Job Spec: Temporary Kitchen Porter needed with immediate start South London and Battersea Area The Kitchen Porter, is responsible for assisting other kitchen staff like Cooks, Chefs, ...

A career in hospitality can be elevated to a higher status if you follow the right steps


Despite the old proverb that too many cooks spoil the broth, current staff shortages in the hospitality industry mean that many hotels and restaurants are concerned that the broth may not be served at all. Vacancy rates in the industry has increased by 675% between November 2021 and January 2022 when compared to the same time frame the previous year.

While exit from the EU and the Pandemic have largely contributed to the recent staff migration, misconceptions about hospitality work have also played an important role in stalling the workforce's revival. If the industry is to avoid collapse, it must respond by providing high-quality training, succession planning, and broader promotion of the career opportunities for employment in hospitality.

We need pride and confidence, not prejudice and stereotyping

The #hospitality industry's employment rates have been hampered by outdated misconceptions that have created aversion among #jobseekers .

The perceived marginalisation of hospitality #work tends to discourage ambitious employees from attempting to enter or remaining in the industry in the long run.

Snobbery toward hospitality work appears to be a uniquely British form of prejudice. In Europe, the sector is valued more highly, as evidenced by a focus on career development. Courses like those offered by the ESO Euro-school Academy, encourage job #candidates to understand the #skills required in hospitality and visualise its massive potential for #career advancement.

Indeed, the disparity between British and European attitudes toward hospitality is reflected in the fact that the 93,000 open positions created by employees returning to the EU in 2020 have not been filled by eager UK workers. While Brexit has had a direct impact on hospitality vacancy levels, the result has undoubtedly been aggravated by innately British attitudes toward working in the #industry.

To boost employment rates and prevent staffing issues from becoming a sector crisis, the hospitality industry must abandon the "Upstairs-Downstairs" #mentality

#Employers can demonstrate to employees that a position in hospitality is more than just a pay check by emphasising career advancement opportunities and providing ongoing training.

Hospitality’s got #talent

To thrive in the hospitality industry, #employees must be willing to pursue the highest level of training. In an industry where staff turnover rates are double the national average, demonstrating to workers their potential for professional advancement through the provision of continuous learning could help to plug the industry's employment drain with existing workers while also attracting new #hires.

Importantly, training should not be limited to acquiring fundamental role-specific skills. Ongoing #educational opportunities allow employees to engage not only with their current role, but also with the broader industry and the specific aspects of hospitality work that most interest them.

At West One Recruitment, all of our employees are trained in sustainable practises, exposing them to an important and rapidly developing theme in the industry. Employers can highlight the upward trajectory in #career progression offered by hospitality by providing staff with Continuing Professional Development

A room with a view to the future

While educational programmes can help to improve the reputation of hospitality, efforts should also be made to provide jobseekers with a clearer picture of their future in the industry.

This is possible through "succession planning," a technique we use at West One Recruitment. Succession planning, the process of establishing clear career goals with an employee from the start, gives employees assurance that their work in hospitality has the potential for advancement, as well as the assurance that they have control over their professional future.

Employment #agencies and promotional events have the great promise to promote the employment #opportunities available in the hospitality industry. Career events can force unemployed people to reconsider their preconceptions about hospitality work while also trying to introduce them to the wide range of opportunities offered by the industry.

The theme of this year's Hospitality Apprenticeships Week, which took place from the 3rd to the 9th of October, was to challenge negative perceptions toward the industry by providing discussions and insights in to the hospitality careers.

As it needs to stand, the hospitality industry is #home to #amazing talent and is supported by employees who demonstrate exceptional expertise and resourcefulness. To address the sector's staffing shortages, employers must showcase this skill and demonstrate to the UK #workforce the fascinating and diversified future opportunities of a career in hospitality.

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