When Was The Last Time You Updated Your CV?

Whether you are actively looking for a job or not, updating your CV should be something you do on a regular basis, at least once every year. Whether you are a chef or work front of house, if you have been in the same role for the past few years, you may not think that there is anything to update. However, sitting down and updating your CV often reveals just how you have developed and you may realise it’s time to start thinking about how to move your career forwards.

When Was The Last Time You Updated Your CV

Start at the beginning of your career

It’s easiest when updating your CV to start at the beginning of your career as it can be a bit overwhelming to looking at the whole thing straight away. Is your first role still relevant to your current career goal? It’s important that your CV is focused and isn’t too long so you may choose to delete this (or at least shorten it) to give you more room to talk about your more recent experience and achievements.

Next look at your current job

Check what you have written about your previous job. Is it still relevant? Have you been involved in anything that is worth adding to your CV? Have you been promoted? Have you taken on new responsibilities? Have you been on a training course or undertaken qualifications? Anything like this should be added to your CV. You’ll be surprised at how much you can add!

Update the design of your CV

Just as important as the content of your CV is how it looks. We’re not saying that it has to be professionally designed, we’re simply saying that it has to be clear, logical and easy to read. In fact, some of the most sophisticated CVs full of graphics and other designs can be the most difficult to read. Therefore, take a look at your CV and look at it from the point of view of someone looking to employ you. Does it have clear contact details? Does it clearly state what skills, qualifications and experience you have? Is it logical and easy to read? Do this and you will be giving yourself the best chance to get the sort of job you really want.


Proofreading your CV is crucial. Proofread your CV multiple times and then ask a couple of trusted friends to go over it too. Having a CV free from mistakes puts you in the best possible light so you can never be too careful when checking for errors.

Send it to West One!

Whether you are actively looking for a new job or not, why not send it to ourselves? We have some of the best chef and front of house jobs in London coming in on a daily basis. Who knows, we might just have that job you’ve always dreamed of?

It could be the best decision you ever make…

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