Struggling to get enough quality Catering or Hospitality applications?

Do seem to be constantly looking for new Catering or Hospitality staff and are always struggling to get enough quality applicants? You’re not alone. In London particularly, there’s a catering recruitment crisis with a severe lack of well qualified and experienced candidates. In addition, there’s a lack of people entering the industry which means more junior roles are just as hard to fill with quality and reliable people. Then there’s the Brexit vote too. With many restaurants and hotels relying on staff from the EU, there’s concern that the catering staffing crisis may be about to get a lot worse.

Struggling to get enough quality Catering or Hospitality applications?

If you seem to keep getting bogged down in recruitment issues that take you away from the important business of running your restaurant, maybe it is time to consider using the services of a catering recruitment agency. Using such an agency may at first glance seem expensive, but when you weigh up the massive time you will save as well as the peace of mind that you’re getting fully checked, qualified candidates makes it an investment in which the returns are priceless.

We have a HUGE database of potential candidates

Sometimes we have to advertise a vacancy, but for many, we have the perfect candidate already on our database. As one of the leading catering and hospitality recruitment agencies in London, we have one of the largest databases of candidates too. That gives a recruitment agency such as ourselves a unique advantage over trying to recruit direct. Job adverts, which you would generally have to rely upon are only really read by people who are actively looking for another job. However, the perfect candidate may not be actively looking for another job but should the ideal role come up, they would want to apply for it. It is these types of people we have access to in our candidate database.

We know where to advertise

Although we do have a large database of excellent candidates that is rigorously kept up-to-date, some jobs we make use of advertising and other channels to target the right candidates. We know the best channels for the different types of jobs in the industry. This saves time and means we can come up with a shortlist of excellent CVs that fit your required criteria.


Our background checks are rigorous

It is one thing getting the right candidate but that isn’t where the hard work stops. We conduct full checks to verify that the candidate is who they say they are, have the skills and qualifications that they say they have, have worked where they say they have and take full references. We also check that they have the right to work in the UK which is crucial.

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