Catering and Hospitality: Not Getting Interview? 5 Steps You Need to Take

If you’re applying lots of jobs but you’re not getting interviews then quite simply, you’re doing something wrong because the catering and hospitality industry is crying out for people, particularly in London. Chances are it’s something simple that you are not doing or something that you just need to change. Below we take a look at the 5 steps you need to take if you’re not securing the interviews you want.

Catering and Hospitality Not Getting Interview? 5 Steps You Need to Take

Check your social media presence

Nearly everyone is on social media nowadays. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram or Linkedin, most of us have some presence online that is accessible to the general public. One of the first things that many hiring managers will do when faced with a selection of CVs is to look for the candidates on social media. It can help give them a more rounded view of individuals and whilst it may not directly influence their decision, it could help to sway them one way or another if they’re faced with two very capable Commis Chefs looking for a position for example. Both suitably qualified and able, if one has numerous social media profiles that doesn’t portray them in the best light, which one do you think that they will go for?

Re-think your CV? Is it simple, clear and easy to read?

If you’re not getting interviews, one of the first things you should look at is your CV. Your CV is the tool you need to open doors and secure interviews. That means if it is not as good as it could be, then it is letting you down and helping you fall at the first hurdle. Your CV should be simple, clear and easy to read and have your work experience and qualifications set out in a logical manner. Don’t forget to put your contact details on there and make sure they are up-to-date. You’ll be surprised at how many people don’t do this and with hospitality being such a fast moving industry, employers aren’t going to waste time trying to find you.

Is it time to lower your sights? Maybe you’re not qualified/experienced enough for the roles you are applying for

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being ambitious and pushing yourself and your career forward. However, you need to be realistic too. There’s absolutely no point in applying for Sous Chef roles at leading establishments if you’re barely out of catering college. Instead, be realistic and apply for jobs that you so have the skills for but will give you the opportunity to grow. Talk to your recruitment consultant. Here at West One we know our clients well and can help place you at an establishment that can help enable your ambitions.

Tailor your applications to each particular job

Are you using the same CV for each different application you are making? If so, it’s worth thinking about tailoring your CV to each different job you are applying for. It’s not as much work as you think, it’s just about highlighting the relevant skills and experience that are more important to that job. If you’re applying for a Chef de Partie role at a pan-Asian restaurant then you may want to highlight where you have cooked these types of dishes in previous roles and do similar if you’re applying for a French fine dining restaurant.

Get some recommendations and reviews you can put on your CV

When a new movie comes out, on all the posters you see you’ll find that they are full of quotes from critics. Such recommendations are a powerful tool in influencing you and others to go and watch the movie. So why not utilise the same idea on your CV? Get some quotes off former employers (who are willing to be contacted to back them up) and put them on your CV. The same thing goes for reviews. If an establishment you worked at has been reviewed whilst working there and it’s a really positive review, post a link on your CV with a brief explanation. Little touches like this can increase your chances of getting an interview.

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