Are You Aware of the Consequences of a Bad Hire?

With London and the rest of the UK currently experiencing a lack of good quality staff entering the catering and hospitality professions, making a bad hire is a risk that every restaurant and hotel is at the mercy of.

Are You Aware of the Consequences of a Bad Hire?

But are you aware of the results of hiring the wrong person? Below we take a look at some of the consequences a bad hire can mean to your business.

Fragmenting team-spirit

Whether working front of house or in the kitchen, all jobs in a restaurant require an epic amount of teamwork skills. Chefs of all levels need to communicate and cooperate seamlessly to produce the finest quality food in a timely manner for their customers. Those working front of house, maître d’s, waiting on and bar staff have to do the same to ensure that their customers receive the finest customer service possible. If you make a bad hire, then putting this person into one of these teams can have a wide-ranging impact on them and can reduce their operational effectiveness. If they’re not a team-player or if their communication is poor it can really bring a team down, can cause arguments and damage morale.

Reduction in productivity

A bad hire does not just risk the morale of your current team, they can have a big impact on productivity. Of course some new staff will need training and no doubt you will have factored that in when recruiting. But if they’re not very good at what they do, they’re slow or they don’t show the correct attitude, it can really affect the function of a kitchen or a service.

Senior members of the team are often called upon to help this member of staff placing extra pressure on them because they still have their job to do. It means someone may have to fill in for them and so on. It’s like a domino effect and can be very damaging to both the quality of food and quality of service.

Why risk your hard-won reputation?

You can’t guarantee you will never make a bad-hire but you can mitigate your risk significantly by utilising a specialist recruiter. Here at West One, some of our best clients are those that first came to us following trying to recruit direct themselves and having made the mistake of hiring the wrong person. Cannily, they realise that the cost of using a recruitment agency to get a good recruit pales into insignificance against the total cost of making a bad hire. As well as the financial cost of having to through the whole process again, there’s the huge cost in time as well as the damage that may have been done to their customer’s dining experience.

Here at West One, we can’t guarantee against a bad hire but our extensive candidate database and rigorous procedures and checks massively reduces the risk. Just as you’re an expert at running a fantastic restaurant, we’re experts in placing the very best staff in great jobs.

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