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Sommelier jobs A Sommelier is a wine specialist and is responsible for all aspects of wine service in a restaurant. Depending on the level of experience, in more formal restaurants, there are different positions which may include: Head Sommelier, Assistant Head Sommelier, Senior Sommelier.
A Sommelier's key responsibilities:
  • The sommelier oversees the restaurant's cellar: he chooses the wines, buys them from the winemakers and prepares a varied and original menu to accompany the kitchen of the establishment; he is also in charge of liqueurs and alcohols. He manages the cellar by ensuring the stocks and the good conservation of the bottles, he keeps abreast of the latest wines and constantly looking for quality wines...

Sommelier – Green Park – £26,000 – Michelin Star Restaurant

Sommelier Jobs | Area: South West London | Salary: £25K - £30K

Job Spec: Sommelier - Green Park - £26,000 - Michelin Star Restaurant One of the best Michelin Star restaurants in Mayfair is now looking for a talented Sommelier. This Sommelier r...