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Recent Placements

Sous Chef
2017-10-13, 14:34
We had a great concept that was branching out nation wide so in need of a Sous Chef, Davide had an amazing fine dining background and was just what they were looking for, he was one of 4 trials however all the team compared everyone else to Davide! There was no competition! AMAZING effort Davide! Congratulations.
Demi Chef de Partie
2017-10-13, 14:31
Luke was ready to take a step up in his career. After interviewing Luke, his positive attitude and composed nature made him a match for an amazing 5 star Hotel in the West Country. Luke was such a good candidate that they ended up creating a position for him. 1 interview 1 placement. Well done Luke!
Head Chef
2017-06-12, 16:38
Rowen was looking for a new position as a head chef. His details were found on and after attending an interview and 2 trial shifts he was offered the position. Great work Rowen.
Demi Chef de Partie
2017-06-12, 16:37
Miah was looking for a new challenge where he could better his skill set and find somewhere that he can get the best development possible. He attended a trial shift for a Demi Chef de Partie position and was offered a Chef de Partie position. Well done Miah, you smashed it!
Chef de Partie
2017-06-12, 16:37
Zoltan has recently moved to the UK from USA. after spending a short while in a company he was not happy, he came to us asking for help. Within 2 weeks he had accepted a new Senior Chef de Partie position in a place where he feels much more welcome. Great news Zoltan.
Executive Chef
2017-05-24, 14:08
Tomas was looking to take the step up from Head Chef in to and Executive Chef position, Tomas started with a new and emerging National Pub Company and has taken the step he has been dreaming of for some time. Congratulations Tomas!
Head Chef
2017-05-24, 14:07
Mauro was looking for a Head Chef position in a restaurant where he could use his Degree in Culinary Arts to its full potential and where he knew the produce he was using was free range and sustainable. He has started that job! Well done Mauro.
Senior Chef de Partie
2017-05-24, 14:05
Alessandro had just recovered from a serious injury, he came to us when he had recovered and within a week he found the job he was looking for. He has started as a Chef de Partie in a busy British brasserie using British produce from sustainable sources. Well done Alessandro
2017-05-24, 14:04
Oana is bringing her experience in this amazing fine dining restaurant in the City, and joins them as a waitress, we wish you well!
2017-05-24, 14:03
Ernesta is an experienced receptionist with 4* and 5* background, and now has secured a new role as receptionist in a Private Members club in Central London, we have no doubt she will do well, good luck!
Bar Supervisor
2017-05-24, 14:02
Congratulations to Kostas who has just joined a team at a Gastro Pub as Bar Supervisor, with his passion and talent he will create a great environment for their guests.
Senior Sommelier
2017-05-24, 14:01
Zoran came to us looking for a Sommelier role in Central London, after meeting with Zoran and finding out exactly what he was after, we were able to find the perfect new venue for him. Well done and good luck in your new post Zoran.
Assistant General Manager
2017-05-24, 13:58
Vincent contacted West One looking for a change of scenery, wanting to move into a funky, new role where he would have the chance to progress. With his great attitude we were able to quickly arrange an interview with one of London’ coolest restaurant groups and Vincent made an instant impression. He is loving life now in his new Assistant General Manager role.
Chef de Partie
2017-04-26, 16:57
Roby had an amazing fine dining c.v and wanted a company he could grow in and add value to his career! We knew exactly the right client and it was love at first service. Well done Roby
Kitchen Porter
2017-04-26, 16:56
Jahiem wanted to find a Permanent position as a Kitchen Porter. He wanted more stability after doing Temporary work for years. He started his new job in a lovely family run café and could not be happier.
Kitchen assistant
2017-04-26, 16:55
Leon wanted to work Monday to Friday so he can spend his weekends playing the guitar and going to gigs. We found the perfect place for him working as a Nursery Kitchen Assistant only a bus ride away from his home.
Events and Catering Manager
2017-04-26, 16:54
Lorence approached us saying he would like to develop his career further as Events and Catering Manager. Less than a week later he was offered his dream job in a fantastic Private Members Club in the heart of the City.
General Assistant
2017-04-26, 16:53
Alexis started working on a Temporary basis in a Mayfair Casino as a Stillroom Attended. She has done an amazing job and only after a month she has been offered a Permanent position. Well done Alexis!
2017-04-26, 16:50
Congratulations to Federica who has just joined an Organic Concept Restaurant where she will be working as a waitress, with her passion and talent she will create a great environment for their guests.
2017-04-26, 16:50
Katrina has now joined the reception team in Michelin Star restaurant in Mayfair. We believe that her experience and great customer services will be a great addition to the team. Good luck!
2017-04-26, 16:49
Rute is a very experienced waitress and has now started her new adventure in one of the most exclusive British brasseries in the City, we wish you the best of luck!
Head Chef - New Opening
2017-04-03, 09:44
Michael has joined a bright new pub and dining company at one of their new sites in Birmingham as Head Chef. After an interview and a trial shift both parties were very happy and Michael has started his new challenge, well done!!
Pastry Demi Chef de Partie
2017-03-24, 16:04
Lynne came to us to look for a position where she could continue adding skills to her existing accomplishments. We had a position which was just the ticket! Congratulations on your new role Lynne
Grill Chef
2017-03-24, 16:03
Arun – Arun started at a new opening in the heart of the West End as a grill chef where he has lots of experience and the scars to go with it. Well done on you new challenge!
Chef de Partie
2017-03-24, 16:03
Nuno – Nuno started at a premium casual dining restaurant near Oxford Circus as a Chef de Partie. He attended a number of interviews and trials with West One and picked this concept. Well done Nuno on your new job!
Events Supervisor
2017-03-24, 13:45
Ewa has now joined one of London’s most exclusive Private Members Club and will help with organizing Events. We wish her well!
Chef de Rang
2017-03-24, 13:39
Alfredo is a very experienced Michelin Star waiter who has now joined one of the best Michelin Star restaurants in West London. We wish him the best of luck!
Demi Chef de Partie
2017-03-13, 14:57
Nawal had experience as a CDP in a casual group and wanted to move to a more fine dining opportunity. He took a step back to catapult his career forward. Congratulations Nawal!
Sous Chef
2017-03-13, 14:55
Remy came from a casual dining background and was looking for his next challenge. We had a privately owned local brasserie looking for a Chef to support the Head Chef! Great match! Well done Remy!
Pastry Chef de Partie
2017-02-28, 11:05
Shannon had a solid background working as a Demi Pastry Chef in fine dining. She went to trial at a similar establishment and nailed the shift. Congratulations and well done on the promotion.
Sous Chef
2017-02-28, 11:05
Douda has a background as a Junior Sous Chef in Fresh Seasonal British and European Cuisine, joins a dining pub in Borough, from meeting with us on Tuesday he started the job the following Tuesday, well done Douda!
Silver Service Waiter
2017-02-27, 16:28
Matteo, silver service waiter who was working for us on temporary basis, has now started his new, challenging, full time role in very famous restaurant in South London. We wish him well.
Head Waiter
2017-02-27, 16:27
Giovanni, a talented and passionate Head waiter joins one of the best Italian cuisine restaurant in London. We wish Giovanni the best of luck in his new role.
2017-02-27, 16:27
Giulia is bringing her experience to this amazing new restaurant in Putney, she starts her adventure as Supervisor, we wish you well!
Floor Manager
2017-02-27, 16:26
Evelina is an experienced Floor Manager and has now secured a new role in a modern, British Brasserie in Chelsea, we have no doubt she will do well, best of luck!
Fine Dining Waitress
2017-02-27, 16:25
Ewelina is a very experienced fine dining waitress and has now started her new adventure in one of the most exclusive Michelin Star Restaurant in London we wish you the best of luck!
Chef de Partie
2017-01-26, 16:16
Bogdan had extensive experience in a high end environment looking to move into Private members clubs. Bogdan smashed the trial shift and it was a perfect match! Great start to 2017. Good Luck Bogdan
Kitchen Manager
2017-01-26, 16:14
Rich is an experienced Sous/Head Chef looking for a short term contract until his full time role started in 2 months. We had a client looking for someone to support the Head Chef whilst they were recruiting for their full team. 1 CV - 1 Job - 2 Very Happy Chefs! Well done Rich
Demi Chef de Partie
2017-01-16, 16:54
Lashuan was looking for a role in an establishment in which he could feel proud to work. 1 trial attended, 1 job offer. Well done on been offered a role on his first trial shift.
Senior Chef de Partie
2017-01-16, 16:53
Raul is has a passion for cooking with seasonal and fresh ingredients. His new venture has started, he is doing exactly what he was looking for. Well done Raul!
2017-01-16, 10:12
Liga is a very experienced fine dining waitress and has now started her new adventure in one of the most renowned British brasserie in the City, we wish you the best of luck!
Head Chef - New Opening
2017-01-16, 10:10
Mohammed was looking for a New Opening role to challenge his skill set. He had all the experience the client was looking for! Well done
Cafe Chef
2017-01-16, 10:07
Claudiu worked in a well known branded Grab + Go concept and was looking to take his experience and design his own similar offerings without the constrictions. Claudiu met with our client and the rest is history! Congratulations Claudiu
2017-01-16, 10:03
Anna is an experienced receptionist worked in prestigious hotels and now has secured a new role as receptionist in a Private Members club in Central London, we have no doubt she will do well, good luck!
Demi Chef de Partie
2017-01-10, 10:00
Erin joins this exclusive banqueting and events venue as Demi Chef. We wish Erin all the best in her new role.
Pastry Chef de Partie
2017-01-10, 09:59
Antoine has worked for us on a Temporary basis during 2016, he wanted to start the new year off with a new job and joins this private members club as Pastry Chef de Partie. Good luck Antoine!!
Commis Chef
2017-01-10, 09:58
Sebastian, another previous candidate approached us to join this exclusive Casino. We wish Sebastian all the best in his new role and fingers crossed you get the promotion you are looking for!!
Breakfast Chef
2017-01-10, 09:57
Mohamed, a previous candidate approached us for this quality AA rosette restaurant. We wish Mohamed all the success in his new role.
2016-12-20, 08:54
Aleksandra has now joined the reception team in Michelin Star restaurant in Mayfair. We believe that her experience and great customer services will be a great addition to the team. Good luck!
Head Chef - New Opening
2016-11-25, 14:25
Mohamed had the most amazing experience in high volume fresh British environments and we had a client with a new opening looking for exactly that backgound. Perfect match! Good Luck Mohamed
Sous Chef
2016-11-25, 14:24
Marina is an experienced Sous Chef who has worked in a number of restaurants across London and has secured a Sous Chef position in a restaurant in South West London, good luck in your new role Marina!
Chef de Partie
2016-11-25, 14:24
Derland has been looking for a role where he can have a day off every weekend to spend time with his kids. Well done Derland on securing a role at a restaurant, which is closed every Sunday, as a Chef de Partie. Best of luck Derland.
F+B Assistant
2016-11-16, 11:30
Gabor is an experienced waiter/barman in prestigious venues and has secured a new role as F&B assistant in a Private Members club in South West London, we have no doubt he will do well, best of luck!
Chef de Partie
2016-11-11, 16:38
Massive well done to Ivan who has just joined a Private Members Club where he will be working as a Chef de Partie. With his skills and professionalism it was never a doubt! Good luck Ivan!
Chef de Rang
2016-11-07, 11:05
Congratulations to Andre who has just joined Michelin Star Restaurant where he will be working as a Chef de Rang, with his passion and talent he will create a great environment for their guests.
Restaurant Supervisor
2016-11-07, 11:04
Antonio is an experience Restaurant Supervisor who just returned to London from long holidays and we helped him to find his new position in 4* Hotel where he can utilize his skills.
Chef de Partie
2016-10-25, 13:59
Jean - Michel was tired of being a number in a kitchen, we had a great position in his local Gastro headed up by a Michelin guide Chef. They met and the job was his. Well done Jean - Michel!
Head Chef
2016-10-25, 13:56
Micheal was looking for an opportunity where his experience working as a Sous could be utilised in his first role as a Head Chef. We had a great local eatery looking for someone just like him! Perfect. Good luck Micheal
Pastry Chef de Partie
2016-10-25, 13:16
Jessica, a previously placed Pastry Chef approached us to join this fantastic Asian restaurant who are expanding, so great prospects for Jessica in the near future. We wish her the best of luck in her new role!!
Pastry Sous Chef
2016-10-06, 08:06
Eduards, a talented and passionate Pastry Sous Chef joins this award winning 5 star hotel. We wish Eduards the best of luck in his new role.
Chef de Partie
2016-09-27, 09:34
Giuseppe wanted a new challenge as he was competent with Italian cuisine. We have a great French brasserie who needed a solid chef with motivation. Great Match! Congratulations!!
Chef de Partie
2016-09-27, 09:32
Janos had experience within fine dining and wanted to hone his butchery skills. We had a great restaurant that hang their own meat and all butchery is done in house.....Perfect. We wish you the best if luck
2016-09-27, 09:31
Jorge is bringing his bartender experience in this amazing fine dining restaurant in the City, we wish you well!
Chef de Partie - Gastro Pub
2016-09-14, 11:20
Jean-Michel, a previous placed candidate of ours approached us to find him a new role involving 4 days on, 3 days off. We found him the perfect role within this quality British gastro pub and not far from his home either! We wish Jean-Michel the best of luck in the future.
Pastry Commis Chef
2016-09-14, 11:19
Kay approached us for a Pastry Commis Chef role in Central London as she wanted to relocate to develop her career further. We found Kay the perfect role and she seems to be settling in well so far. We wish Kay all the best in her new role.
Chef de Partie
2016-08-26, 11:10
Zoltan is an experienced Chef de Partie with a fine dining background looking to continue serving quality fayre without the stress of a fine dining kitchen. We have a great client who owns a gastro headed up by a Michelin trained Head Chef!! Perfect! Good luck Zoltan
Kitchen Porter
2016-08-26, 11:09
Hassan was recommended by a previous candidate and was looking for a full time role in hospitality. Due to his willingness and attitude he went for a new position and nailed the trial. Well done Hassan!!
Senior Sous Chef
2016-08-03, 09:48
Hristian is an amazing Senior Sous looking for a new challenge after working in British restaurants. We had a highly acclaimed Spanish Restaurant looking for a talent like his. Great Match! Congratulations Hristian

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Latest Jobs

Job TitleAreaSalary Package Details
Commis Chef - 5* De Luxe Hotel - 3AA Restaurant Knightsbridge
London - City£18 - £19000 per annum Details
Chef de Partie - 5* De Luxe Hotel-3AA Restaurant Knightsbridge
London - City£26000 - £28000 per annum Details
Sandwich Maker
London - North£8 - £10 per hour Details
Chef De Partie
Surrey£23000 - £24000 per annum Details
Head Chef - British Gastro Pub - £36,000 package
South West£36000 per annum + company benefites Details
Chef de Partie - Famous London Brasserie
London - City£24000 - £27000 per annum + + Overtime Details
Sous Chef Banqueting
£24000 - £26000 per annum Details
Head Baker/Group Baker- Pastry
London - City£30000 - £35000 per annum Details
Chef de Partie Needed - All Sections
London - West End£10 - £12 per hour Details
Sous Chef - British Gastro Pub with Rotisserie - £28,000
London - City£28000 per annum + company benefits Details
Breakfast Head Chef - London Paddington - 4 Star Hotel
London - West End£12 - £12.50 per hour Details
Chef de Partie - Modern European Restaurant - £26,000 - Balham
South West£25000 - £26000 per annum + cash tips Details
London - West End£11 - £14 per hour Details
Demi Chef De Partie - Soho Grill Take Away - £22k - Sunday OFF
London - West End£22000 per annum Details
Sous Chef - Event Catering - £30k
North West£30000 per annum Details
Waiter- Waitress- Michelin Star Restaurant
London - West End£21000 - £23000 per annum Details
Senior Sous Chef - Modern 2AA Rosette Restaurant - £38k
London - West End£35000 - £38000 per annum + Basic, no TRONC System Details
Chef De Partie - Immediate Start - ££££££
London - City£25000 - £27000 per annum Details
Chef de Partie - Relaxed Pan Asian Concept
London - City£23000 - £28000 per annum Details
Waiters/Waitresses needed!
London - West End£20000 - £23000 per annum Details

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